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Who are we?

Bengo Records (BMG) is an EDM label founded by Bengo (Nikola Slovic), in March 2021. We provide you with the highest quality royalty-free music to satisfy our fans worldwide. Bengo was previously working with Alan Walker on an animated music video. Bengo is a partnered content creator with Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records. His most recent works involved MER Music & Universal Music Group Canada.

License with Bengo Music Group

Our goal is to add more music to this world and recognize the talents that havent been discovered yet, our goal is to help our artists show their talent to the world, be recognized. We have 3 Type of Music Licensing in our label:

1) Per-Track Contract = Is a contract that the entity requested to contract one particular song with BMG.Details are stated in a contract.

2) Artists Contract = Is a contract that the entity is a full time Artists with BMG who will be publishing tracks frequently for the period of time stated in the contract. Details are stated in a contract.

3) Music Sale Contract = Is a contract that the entity would like to setup a store and sell tracks.Details are stated in a contract.

If you are an artist looking to submit your music, feel free to register on our website and follow the Forum


Artists Who Worked With Us



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Sean McAlister




Joe Fares